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At we believe that navigating the future requires insight and wisdom. That is why we dedicate our work to spreading foresight. We seek out the thinkers, the doers and the visionaries who are shaping tomorrow. Through their experiences and ideas, we aim to provide perspective on the road ahead.

Bite-sized content

We craft a variety of content formats to bring perspectives on the future to our audience. Through interviews, mini-podcasts, newsletters and live sessions, insights are delivered on a regular basis.


Our interview series features one-on-one discussions with some of the boldest thinkers focused on tomorrow. Key players shaping what's next provide their visions directly.


Mini-podcast episodes offer compressed conversations on prominent topics. Quick and portable options provide food for thought on the go.


In-depth newsletters land in subscriber inboxes each week. Deeper dives and analysis and curated highlights gather foresight from our extensive discussions.


We also regularly host live Ask Me Anything-style sessions. These allow our audience to directly engage with experts.

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